Spanish Politics you can count me out

Spanish Politics you can count me out Credit: U of G news- University of Guelph

AS elections loom, 112,000 voters have ensured that they will not receive party propaganda.

No sooner was the November 10 date confirmed than a social media campaign began encouraging voters to put their names on the register that prevents political parties from sending them postal propaganda.

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This is now possible thanks to the 2018 Electoral Law which allows voters to request exclusion from the copies of the electoral register made available to the political parties.

This can be carried out on the website of Spain’s statistics institute, INE, which revealed that it has received 112,000 requests between March 7 when the measure was introduced and September 15.

King Felipe did not announce until two days later that no political party could form a government and INE sources revealed that they are waiting to evaluate the impact of the social media campaign.


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