Somewhat boar-ed in Javea

Somewhat boar-ed in Javea Credit: Wordpress

A GROUP of 10 wild boar were videoed trotting around Javea’s Plaza de la Constitucion.

The boar were spotted late at night and almost certainly had come down from the town’s Santa Lucia area, skirted the Antoni Llido high school and reached the Plaza via Calle Rafael Echague.

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Although not a common sight in most town centres, the presence of the boar is less rare in Javea and other Marina Alta municipalities where they live in comparative comfort in the surrounding countryside.

Farmers and growers have complained in the past about the animals destroying their crops and they have often been in road accidents.

The board of the Montgo national park also began some time ago to take measures to control the overpopulation of wild boar in the area.


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