Serial Con Man Is Wanted By Spain And Faces Extradition

Caption.Credit Bristol Post

Serial con man Mark Acklom who poised as a MI6 spy and also as a Swiss banker is wanted in Spain to face trial after he serves his current UK prison sentence with Spain issuing a European Warrant for his arrest.

Acklom was jailed in 2015 after duping two Spanish brothers.
Acklom, 46, was jailed in Cartagena, near Alicante, in 2015 for duping the two Spanish brothers into buying London riverside apartments he pretended he owned.
He was released temporarily when he applied for a pardon after serving nearly a year of his three-year sentence.He was forced to surrender his passport and ordered to report twice a month to the Spanish court, but he went on the run almost straight away.
Acklom was eventually tracked down in Switzerland last summer and extradited to the UK in February.
Last month he was jailed at Bristol Crown Court after admitting duping divorcee Carolyn Woods into giving him £300,000.
He had posed as a wealthy Swiss-based banker and MI6 agent, but was living with his wife and children nearby in a mansion rented with the money he stole from Ms Woods. Acklom’s Spanish Wife Ms Ros Rodriguez wasn’t in court to see her husband jailed last month and is thought to be living in Spain with the couple’s two young daughters but now is also under investigation by UK detectives over fraud and money-laundering allegations. Jailed conman Mark Acklom now faces more time in prison after being hit with a new European arrest warrant issued by Spain.


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