Moans over drones

CAMERA DRONES: Strict regulations regarding their use Credit: Shutterstock

THE owners of the unauthorised drones increasingly seen over Teulada-Moraira risk €225,000 fines.

Drones are covered by specific regulations and there have been numerous complaints from residents regarding those that are equipped with video or cameras.

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They are not toys, the Ministry of Public Works has pointed out, and circulating images of people or private property taken by drones needs authorisation from those affected, the Ministry said.

Regional governments, provincial councils and town halls are obliged to be conversant with drone regulations and their own powers over their use. They also needed to know how to seek assessment on using these unmanned aerial vehicles in carrying out their respective services.

The Ministry stressed that drones used for sports or leisure purposes could not be flown over buildings in cities, towns, inhabited areas or open-air public meetings unless they weighed less than 250 grammes and did not fly higher than 20 metres.

There is a total ban on drones that occupy air space over restricted and prohibited areas as well as those reserved for air traffic, the Ministry said.


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