It’s good to be back!

Marbella Now 230 was recorded with Carlos Martinez of the RTV Marbella camera crew.
Marbella Now 230 was recorded with Carlos Martinez of the RTV Marbella camera crew.

THEY say a change is as good as a rest, but I feel I need to say that a rest is also bloody marvellous!

For the first time in five years I didn’t record Marbella Now during August and I feel so much better for having taken a break. It took me about 12 days to gradually pull myself away from work and I only realised that I’d managed to finally disconnect when I couldn’t work out what day of the week it was. 

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In fact my only bearing on time revolved around getting reminders from the Editor at the Euro Weekly about my column.

I’ve come back to the TV raring to go, which is just as well as the months ahead are going to be intense and each week we’re going to have to fit in a lot of people if we’re going to let you know even the half of what’s happening.

Our first return programme, airing on RTV Marbella and online week commencing September 16, was recorded at the Art Caffé: a combination of art gallery and chic coffee bar (now also a #ZeroHero partner). 

We start off with an interview with Lynn Fisher, organiser of the Mel Williams tribute.  Together with recordings from the event we hope to share the love and admiration that our international community have for Mel and Sally.

Pedro Molina is an Andaluz artist with a rich and varied personal and professional history.  He’s talented and engaging.

We chat with Massimo Cedrini, main artist at the Excellence Gallery at Art Caffé and curator Giuseppe Carnevale; as entertaining as ever and most generous hosts.

Mario Bravo, Economist, representative of the PP for Mijas and President of the English-speaking Rotary Club for the same municipality is the embodiment of ‘if you want it done, do it yourself’ and an example to the rest of us that complaining doesn’t cut it; action does.

Two new faces for me are Melanie Sievernich and Anne-Marie Simak who join us to present their ‘Beauty and love yourself breakfast’ event at La Sala on September 24.

We welcome back Charo van Hulst of the Butterfly Children Charity who introduces us to their new intern Amber Bresser and we pop over to the Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel to meet Colm Fitzpatrick to find out more on the International Irish Music Festival this coming weekend (September 20 – 22). 

Next week we’ll be recording Marbella Now from the Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel and welcoming many more interesting locals.  The hotel has free ample parking, great restaurant and pool bar and Sophia is offering Marbella Now viewers a 20 per cent discount if you mention our show upon arrival any day, or night, of the week so feel free to pop in and check the place out!

A lot to look forward to: it’s good to be back ☺



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