Hash find arrests

CONCEALED: Police found marijuana growing in the couple’s basement. CREDIT: Almeria Policia Nacional

A COUPLE are under arrest after police found nearly 300 marijuana plants in properties they were renting.

Investigations began back in June on the back of information there was an indoor marijuana plantation in the Villa Blanca neighbourhood of Almeria city. Surveillance operations and the waft of marijuana emanating from the premises confirmed police suspicions.

The police reported nearly 140 plants were kept concealed behind a temporary wall in the basement of the property in which the pair lived with their young daughter.


A search of the home also led to seizure of over 200 grammes of marijuana buds, halogen lamps, air filters, ventilators and other paraphernalia for boosting the plant growth, as well as sufficient documentation for police to take a look round a second property the couple rented in El Ejido.

Here officers found nearly 150 marijuana plants more plus €300 in cash.

There were unauthorised connections to the electricity in both properties.



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