Diverse planet

TRANSGENDER PENGUINS: A reflection of our diverse planet?
TRANSGENDER PENGUINS: A reflection of our diverse planet?

ONE thing I have learned over the years is that you should always be prepared to admit being in the wrong. Seeing an antagonist’s aggressive expression change when you quickly accept the blame can be quite rewarding. 

Often they can think of nothing to say at all and their whole confrontational attitude crumbles into an embarrassed mumble. Well, today I can quite happily admit to being in the wrong. I did set out this week to pour scorn on the latest snowflake scheme to introduce programmes which would address the transgender needs of animals!

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Under ‘you couldn’t make it up’ I was preparing to cite two women, who recently appeared on television advocating plans to respect and assist transgender penguins and sexually confused dogs! Before I began the piece I decided to do a little research.

To my surprise, I subsequently discovered that this whole scenario has in fact been studied in some depth and there are actually quite a number of species who have shown examples of transgender and homosexual leanings. No,it’s not only your friendly local rabbit or randy little pooch, prepared to hump just about anything that stays still long enough – but a whole selection of the animal kingdom on this diverse planet of ours.

One which I found most endearing was a magnificent beast called Mmamoriri. Sporting an impressive mane, Mmamoriri is a Lion/ess living with a pride in the Okavango Delta Botswana. Looking for all the world like a large male, the animal actually has the sex organs of a female. She is a beautiful specimen and appears to live in complete harmony with the rest of the group. She is in fact an asset, as the more males appear in a pride the larger the territory they can control.

So, although I admit to being on completely the wrong track in this instance, I still rather fail to see why animals in these circumstances need any ‘help.’They actually seem to be coping perfectly well on their own. Perhaps it’s the complete acceptance of those around them.

Something to be learned there perhaps? Not sure I’d want to get close enough to Mmamoriri to offer any counselling anyway. Oh and by the way, she actually has a deeper roar than the all other pride males. Very butch dear!

Totally enjoyed my ‘live’ appearance on the EWN Facebook page this week. Sorry for the slight technical difficulties. Mind you it was Friday 13 and Mallorca was in the throes of an approaching tornado. (Leapy’s law!) Perhaps if there is a next time it will be a little more trouble free.

Thanks to all of you who entered into the ‘spirit.’ And once more many thanks to this great paper for its indomitable dedication to the freedom of speech. Many happy returns to my beautiful daughter Melanie. On my way to the fancy dress birthday bash in my usual ‘drag’! Homophobic – Moi?

Keep the faith
Love Leapy  


  1. Well now. A modest start indeed. Congratulations. However I think you have a lot more apologies to make. Can you keep it up ? The apologies, I mean. Not holding my breath.


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