Attempted murder sentence reduced

Woman was held against her will in Spain Credit: Shutterstock

A CUBAN (19) accepted a 15-year sentence for trying to kill his ex-girlfriend’s 13-year-old brother.

The Alicante High Court heard how in September 2018 and armed with a cutter, he hid near the boy’s home in Cap Negret (Altea), waiting for him to put away his bicycle in a space beside the porch.

Wearing a hoodie, his face covered by a mask and sunglasses, the attacker leapt at the boy, slashing his neck with the cutter before running off.


One of the boy’s relatives and another man working at the property ran after him and found him lying bloodstained on the ground nearby.

“Forgive me, forgive me, I didn’t mean to do it,” he told them.

The victim had two wounds on his neck, one of which could have been fatal had paramedics not staunched the haemorrhage.

The Cuban has been remanded since then, charged with attempted murder.

The Fiscal (Public Prosecutor) reduced his recommended sentence from 25 years to 15 as the accused admitted to the crime and will pay the victim €10,000 compensation.

Although he initially challenged the 15-year term, the young man’s lawyer revealed that he now agreed to the sentence.


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