Village banks plan in Axarquia

Axarquia Markets
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BANKS are being called on to provide financial facilities for small communities.

The PSOE of Malaga has requested a plan to ensure that smaller villages are not left without banking services.

The spokesman of the PSOE in the Diputación de Málaga, José Bernal, and the provincial deputy, Gema Ruiz have asked for the plan to target neglected areas of the Axarquia region.


Currently, eight of the municipalities do not have a physical office or an ATM, meaning that residents, including the elderly, must venture out of the community to perform basic banking needs such as withdrawing money or paying a bill.

Bernal has lamented the lack of facilities, claiming it is a major factor in the rural depopulation of Axarquia and the exclusion of certain villages in favour of others.

In the coming months, the PSOE will draft a proposal to submit to the Diputación of Malaga for all the major financial bodies to sign an agreement to implement proper infrastructure on communities under 20,000 people.

The PSOE insists this is the first of many initiatives to combat rural depopulation, and in all the upcoming plenary sessions, the board will bring to the table a different idea to assist in the fight against losing some of the region’s villages.


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