Mystery Surrounds Suspected Mijas Bridge Jumper

Credit: Facebook

Yesterday we reported breaking news of a suspected suicide jumper off a road bridge in Mijas Costa.

Police are holding a full investigation to the realities of what took place and yesterday treated the area of the death as a potential crime scene as they investigate all possibilities.
Whilst its established the incident occurred at 07.20 CET there are many conflicting eye witness reports that the police have to sieve through to establish the facts.
One eye witness said ” I saw a body come off the bridge and drop rapidly, the body landed on the bonnet of a car and travelled 75 yards before hitting the ground which then caused a two car smash as well as what looked like also a motor bike rider involved”
Another eye witness said ” As I passed the body lying in the road and the person clearly looked as the had deceased it was strange as I think I saw a helmet on his head although the body had no shoes or socks on which I thought was odd?”
A third eye witness claimed ” I was approaching the bridge and could swear blind I saw 3 people on the bridge, as I travelled along a body came down on to a car before sliding off and rolling across the road, cars were swerving everywhere”
Whilst its established the body was of a 44 year old man and the body came down from off the bridge investigators are piecing all the evidence together to establish if this was actually a suicide or something more sinister at this present time.
The incident brought traffic to grid lock yesterday as the investigators set up a potential crime scene as well as collating statements from physically shocked eye witnesses.


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