La Viñuela reservoir near drought level in Malaga

GOING DOWN: Lake Vinuela sits dangerously close to drought levels. Source: Wikipedia

NEW figures show that the La Viñuela reservoir is once again close to the drought level.

Despite last week’s rainfall, the lake currently sits at only 55.6 cubic hectometres, five less than the previous year.

According to predictions made by the local environmental board, if the level continues to drop, by October the lake will reach a level of 52.4 cubic hectometres, which will prompt a drought alert throughout the area.


The reservoir began the summer season at a level of 69.90 cubic hectometres, 2.4 less than 2018.

Throughout the summer, farmers and human consumption has reduced the lake by around 14 cubic hectometres.

Recent reallocations of water usage to local farmers has given the local agricultural sector a little breathing space, the local council is due to meet at the end of October to discuss further allocation going forward.

A project is also close to completion to complete the underground pipeline that will connect the lake to the Malaga and El Atabal regions, providing a flow of 400 litres per second to refill the lake.

Although further rain is expected this week, total rainfall in the region is well down on last year, with 383.7 litres per square metre compared to 424 litres in 2018.



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