Strange animal spotted in a Mountain range in Calpe

OUTFOXED: There have been several sightings of a strange foxlike creature in the mountains of Calpe. Credit: Pedro Garcia

A CROSS between a dog and a fox has been spotted in the mountain range behind Calpe.

The animal was spotted by a German resident in the area who was out walking. The creature followed the man but seemed harmless and docile rather than threatening. The man told Calpe resident, Pedro Garcia, about the peculiar animal and found out that he too had seen it from a distance and could not work out whether it was a fox or a dog – or both.

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The description of the animal is rather vague but it is believed to have long legs, too long for a fox, a bushy fox’s tail, and a slender dog’s body with a fox like face. There have been reports over the years of dogs and foxes attempting to mate and even one case in Benissa in which people bred the two animals.

Whatever the animal is, it appears to be no threat to people and although not as mysterious as the Loch Ness Monster or the illusive Big Foot, it makes for an interesting sight nonetheless.


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