Dawn Drug Raid Arrests In Cadiz


Alleged Drug dealer known locally in Cadiz as “El Tomate” was arrested amongst 40 other people in armed dawn raids around the coastal city of Sanlucar de Barrameda.

This morning over 200 law enforcement officers stormed into the City to various locations, knocking down doors of the accused homes.

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The dawn raids started at 5.30 AM in a joint operation with Guardia Civil, Customs officers backed up by the Policia Nacional.

Hashish ring leader ” El Tomate” who allegedly operates his trafficking between Spain & Morocco was taken to the floor by armed officers and cuffed in his home as officers stormed his property with the ring leader not giving any resistance on arrest.

“El Tomate” who was also arrested in 2011 in the same vicinity was taken in for further questioning surrounded by 5 armed officers.

In total 40 arrests took place of drug running suspects all allegedly involved with the importation of Hashish from Morocco as well as street and wholesale distribution.


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