WATCH: UFO Sighting In Alicante Storms?

UFO Sighting In Alicante Storms CREDIT: Agencia Noticia 6- Sputnik News

Who would have thought NASA would be investigating a UFO during the recent storms? but that is exactly what is reported to be taking place as a Spanish computer scientist filmed an electrical storm during the storms across Alicante.

The video apparently shows a silvery flying object darting around in the skies, since the recording going viral across the world, Spanish news agency Agencia 6 say they been inundated with calls from all around the globe from UFO enthusiasts and storm watchers.

 The most interesting phone call coming from NASA themselves, according to the agency, requesting the original footage to investigate further the spotting.


NASA have not to date confirmed its interest in the Alicante UFO.

Mr Molla, the Spanish computer scientist was awoken in the early hours of Saturday morning by the stormy conditions, to which he quickly grabbed his mobile phone to record the electrifying events.

Whilst filming he captured the UFO that has gone onto cause worldwide publicity, it’s been analysed also by the University of Alicante citing “something weird” Mr Molla claims.

Mr Molla went on to say “It’s an honour to be able to collaborate with some images that could be the appearance of the first UFO in Alicante”

Was it aliens? or was it a flying satellite dish ripped from a home in the storms?  we guess only time will tell if NASA make a report.


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