Wales coach sent home from Rugby World Cup over betting allegations


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The 48-year-old former Wales rugby captain has been part of Warren Gatland’s coaching team since 2008.

Howley was sent home from the Welsh team base in Kitakyushu, Japan, to “assist with an investigation in relation to a potential breach of World Rugby regulation 6, specifically betting on rugby union”, the WRU said in a statement.

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“The decision was taken to act immediately in light of recent information passed to the WRU,” they stated in a short statement.

The rules in Rugby are very simple

Players, coaches and officials at all levels in the game are prohibited from betting on any rugby fixtures. 

The WRU went on to say “The 48-year-old former Wales captain has “co-operated fully with our initial discussions and an independent panel will be appointed to hear the case if required”

This is a disaster for the Welsh Rugby Union who still chase their first ever World Cup victory, to lose your head coach just 6 days before the tournament starts really will not be a good set up for the training camp. The Welsh camp are now to replace with former fly-half Stephen Jones, who was set to take over Howley’s job in 2020 and is expected in Japan later this week. Howley’s career seems to be heading to finish in disgrace.




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