Junta de Andalucia promises to clean up watercourses to prevent flooding

AFTERMATH: The severe storms damaged greenhouses and destroyed crops. CREDIT: Juanma Moreno Twitter @JuanMa_Moreno

JUNTA de Andalucia President Juanma Moreno said the regional administration will clean up watercourses and river estuaries to prevent the formation of “bottlenecks” following torrential rain.

The Junta president made the comments during a visit to Almeria on Monday to see the aftermath of the torrential rain and flooding and to meet with the acting Prime Minister and provincial politicians to discuss assistance for those affected and for repairs to infrastructure.

He told press the regional Agriculture Minister is already working on the plan, which has an initial investment of €1 million.


However he did caution there are certain obstacles as in many cases the watercourses go through protected areas where heavy machinery cannot be used.

Moreno also said there would be a special awareness-raising campaign aimed at “a minority” who dump plastic, wiring, poles and other rubbish on country lanes and in waterways which end up as a “tangled mess” which then block water flow.

He warned the regional administration would come down hard on farmers who do not comply with waste disposal regulations.


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