Seeking support for school materials in Almeria

SCHOOL VISITS: The Antas Mayor wished teachers and pupils all the best for the new school year. CREDIT: Comunicación y Medios Almeria

ANTAS council is seeking support from banks to provide games and materials to the municipality’s schools.

The local authority said it had approached two entities with the aim of saving the children’s parents the expense.

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Mayor Pedro Ridao made the announcement during a visit last week to the La Pernera and El Argar schools and the Hablame Bonito play centre to wish teachers and pupils all the best for the new school year.

Ridao also took the opportunity to criticise the Junta de Andalucia, maintain the regional administration had failed to have the El Argar’s new toilets ready for the start of term following more than two months of works.

The Mayor spoke to the children about the “future they have ahead of them and how to choose what they want to be in life”, and asked them to “always respect their teachers and parents.”

There are 56 pupils enrolled at the La Pernera for the 2019-2020 school year, 110 in infants and 210 in primary at El Argar, and 10 little ones at the newly created play centre.


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