Spanish Prime Minister visits flood-hit regions and assures Government full support

EMOTIONAL: Prime Minister Sanchez was clearly distressed at the flood devastation he saw first-hand CREDIT: La Moncloa Twitter @desdelmoncloa

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has taken to the air to get a full view of southern Spain’s flood stricken regions as the death toll rose to six and air and train services were disrupted for a third day.

Sanchez commanded a Government helicopter to take to the air to see for himself the devastation left behind in the wake of the recent storms. He witnessed first-hand where flash floods had swept away cars and swamped homes in the regions of Valencia, Murcia and eastern Andalucia.

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Prime Minister Sanchez was clearly distressed at what he saw flying over Orihuela in Alicante. He ordered the helicopter to land so that he could personally visit a command centre for emergency operations.

Sanchez met with many emergency ground workers, listening intently to their experiences of the events of the last few days of horror.

Sanchez went on to offer his condolences to the families who have lost loved ones before strenuously making the point that the Government would be doing everything possible in its power to assist survivors of the disaster.

Clearly emotional as he arrived in Murcia, he told reporters, “All those who have been affected need to know the Spanish Government will help so that at least they can repair much of the material damage caused by this extraordinary meteorological phenomenon.”

Sanchez went on to say water levels need to drop before the Government can fully evaluate the total cost of the damage, adding that Government will fund the clear up and repair operation.

The Prime Minister’s statements supported comments made earlier by Spanish King Felipe VI, who said, “May we all, with the help of all, be able to overcome the despair that now weighs on so many homes and families.”

Locals clapped profusely as the Spanish Prime Minister reboarded his helicopter for ministerial meetings to arrange the aid required.



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