Blue rage – man paints over parking restriction lines in Spain


POLICE are trying to identify a man who repainted blue zone parking restriction lines white. 

Their main clue is a grainy picture in which the man can be seen bent over with brush in hand busily painting over the blue lines, which have been recently introduced in la Union, Malaga, meaning motorists have to pay to park. 

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 Residents have made the unidentified man something of an anonymous hero for his actions against the unpopular zoning. 

 But the Local police of Malaga are taking a hard line. The city police’s Investigation and Protection Group (GIP) has been put on the case to identify the culprit. In the meantime, a watch has been put on the area to try to deter any copycats from following his lead. 

According to police the man may face a misdemeanour charge of damage by altering road signs. Th incident took place on Wednesday afternoon, around 6.30pm in Calle Andarax Street. 

It had been fenced off that morning to allow workmen to paint the lines unhindered by protesting locals. 

When police showed up in the afternoon and inspected the area, they found an abandoned paint can and a brush – and the blue lines turned white. 


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