The beauty of Paella in Spain

Valencia plans to turn the famous Paella into a World recognised dish. Source: PeakPX

Sunday September 22 will see the whole world come together in celebration of one of Spain’s best loved dishes. 

World Paella Day, now in its second year, is aiming to turn the National dish of Spain into a World Heritage Site, much like what Italy has done for its famous pizzas.  

The Department of Tourism and Relations in the Valencian region have called on all the various groups throughout the l’Alfàs del Pi area, the dishes traditional home, to come together for a competition to enable the dish to become an “Intangible Patrimony of the Humanity” 


The contest will take place the following Sunday 29 September at the municipal sports centre in l’Alfàs del Pi from 12pm until 5pm   

Residents of the municipality are being called to attend the festival and to bring their own interpretation of the dish, which traditionally uses rabbit and chicken, but is also now adapted to use, sea food, chorizo and shellfish. 

According to UNESCO regulations, in order for the dish to be classed as a World Heritage Site, the dish needs “practice, ritual, custom for the preparation and an art for its preparation”.


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