Are you winning or losing?


IF we’re willing to learn by our mistakes, no one should consider themselves or anyone else in life a loser. The late great leader and revolutionary, Nelson Mandela said. “I never lose. I either win or I learn.”

When adhered to, that powerful statement can make a big difference to us. We all have an option to learn from what we may consider losing at some point in our life.

All too often we hear people say: “I never win anything,” “I always lose at this.”

Well, therein lies the first problem. If you assume the thought and the feeling of never amounting to, or achieving anything then how can you expect to be a winner at anything? We first need to create that winning feeling to start the process, we can do this by reacting to those negative voices in our head in a different way.

It is important to know that that feeling of failure, fear and anxiety are just that, feelings. It is your own mind that has created the negativity. They are not facts, they are simply an outcome focusing on past failures instead of future successes. These feelings underestimate your real abilities and amplify the task ahead.

Ignore these negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with thoughts of a positivity and a more favourable outcome. It sounds easy to do doesn’t it, well it is, but here’s the thing, it’s easier not to. The reason we don’t like change is because change feels uncomfortable to us. People would rather be comfortable than do something different even though it doesn’t benefit them in the long run.

You don’t have to stay in the world you’re living in if it doesn’t serve you, you can create your own new positive world.

A gentle way to start is to visualise how things might or could possibly be. Visualise how things would be if you achieved a certain something you have always wanted to achieve, however small it may be. Start small, make it fun, see yourself for example finally beating the rest of the family at Monopoly, imagine how that would feel instead of that old patterned phrase of, “I never win at anything.” You can of course apply this to anything, even on a much grander scale in order to become a success and feel like one of life’s winners.

Negative is normal, it’s part of life but it is not successful. Begin to see any negative thoughts as and when they arise as a challenge, a challenge to tackle them differently in order to create the winning feeling you deserve.

Learning how to tackle that losing feeling will create a new enthusiasm in what you wish to achieve and give you enjoyment in the process.

So, now you no longer need to dwell or live in the realms of losing thoughts, you just need to handle and deal with it. Start today, not tomorrow. If you put something off today, what excuse will you have the next day?

Remember, the difference between winning and losing is not giving up. If we’re winning we’re having fun, if we’re losing we’re learning.

See yourself as a winner, take action and see what prizes life has waiting for you.

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