WATCH: Waiter saves diner’s life in Spain

Waiter saves diner’s life in Spain Credit: Still from facebook video

A MAN aged 75 who was choking to death had his life saved by a waiter. 

The unidentified man was enjoying a meal with his wife at Venta La Butibamba in La Cala de Mijas (Malaga) when food blocked his airway. 

Initially his wife tried to help, but her efforts were proving ineffective. 


That is when restaurant manager Víctor Parras, aged 28, stepped in. He kniew how to practice the Heimlich manoeuvre, as the abdominal compression technique is known, which is performed as first aid to help expel an object that obstructs the airway. 

Everything happened very quickly, in two distressing minutes that were recorded by the security camera of the establishment. 

Victor had a distressing few moments as the manoeuvre didn’t initially work. The man started to turn purple so Victor redoubled his efforts. 

Finally, the meat was dislodged and the man could breathe again. He refused a doctor and calmly finished his meal. 

Before leaving the couple approached Victor and gave him a long hug. Now Victor and his boss are highlighting the importance of having a little first aid knowledge. Victor learned the manoeuvre on the internet. 

Suceso ocurrido en la VENTA LA BUTIBAMBA donde la rapida intervencion de LOS CAMAREROS en especial Victor Parras salvan la vida a un hombre de un atragantamiento.

Geplaatst door Juan Carlos Tamayo Fernandez op Woensdag 11 september 2019


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