“ISIS Bride” Shamima Begum flown to UK amid press secrecy

‘ISIS Bride’ Shamima Begum. Source: Twitter

ACCORDING to early sources on social media, Shamima Begum has been flown back to the UK under cloud of secrecy.

The so called ‘ISIS Bride’ has apparently been flown back to the UK after the country has been put under increasing pressure from its European counterparts to allow the entry of the 19 year old back into the country.

An apparent ban on all press coverage has been issued due to the girl’s safety and the potentially volatile nature of her arrival.


The alleged news of her arrival comes just weeks after British journalists have been given the right not to hand over any interviews conducted with the girl to the Anti Terror Police as authorities look to build a prosecution case for her defection to Syria.

The same sources on social media are reporting that she is being legally represented by the former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair CBE QC, currently working as a barrister.

Conspiracy theorists are also claiming that the news has been unofficially buried under the current turmoil occurring in British politics.


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