Gran trampled by camels while on holiday in Spain left with horrific injuries

Holiday from hell: The mental scars have been the worst. Credit: Shutterstock

WHAT SHOULD have been a fun day out, including a camel ride along the beach in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, turned into a hellish nightmare for Karen Saccone, 61, from Cavendish, Derby.

The incident took place the very day before Ms Saccone was due to fly back home. Just as the 61-year-old was being helped into the camel’s seat by a tour guide, the animal spooked and it reared up flipping Karen over its head. Karen then landed head-first on the sand where she claims she was subsequently stamped and kicked by the half tonne camel standing in front. Furthermore, her leg was still caught in the strap of the seat and she was dragged along the beach for several metres causing greater agony and injuries.

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The incident occurred two years ago, on June 12 2017, but it is now when Ms Saccone will finally receive compensation for the horrific incident that has marked her for life.

Karen suffered a fractured pelvis, five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, head and facial injuries as well as damage to her left knee.

She spent seven days in a Spanish hospital before being transferred back to the major trauma centre at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre for another week.

Karen, a residential child carer, needed four months off work and instructed medical negligence lawyers to investigate her case.

The insurers of the camel excursion provider have now admitted liability paving the way for a payout which will go towards her medical costs and specialist rehabilitation.

“But the mental scars have been the worst. I won’t take any risks any more and I get frightened in busy places. I get by but it has been difficult for me.” Ms Saccone admitted

“Everything that happened was incredibly traumatic and it is hard to accept that some of these injuries may affect me for the rest of my life.”


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