WATCH: Torrential rain and lightning hit Torrevieja, Orihuela and surrounding areas

Torrential rain and lightening hit Torrevieja and surrounding areas

Roads are flooded with water as high as the kerb and cars left abandoned

The “gota fria” – cold drop – has arrived and so far the “drop” has left 40 litres per m2 in Torrevieja and 43 litres per m2 in Orihuela. The rain which doesn’t show signs of ceasing has left waterlogged streets and boulevards with access to some roads cut including the road to Orihuela which has had hundreds of cars piled up amongst the gushing water.

The rains have been more intense during the early morning, although it’s expected the highest rainfall will be recorded as of this afternoon maintaining the Red Alert issued by the Generalitat.


The Torrevieja Municipal Sports Pavilion ‘Cecilio Gallego’ has been adapted so that people who may suffer serious damage to their homes and homeless people, can use the installations. The Red Cross has installed beds inside the enclosure and provided food, water, and hygiene elements for those in need.

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¡Absolutamente brutal! Carretera CV-930, más conocida como la vía rápida de acceso a #Orihuela desde la Autovía A-7. Aparcamiento asociado al Concesionario Grupo Marcos. Vídeo vía Fran Sánchez.

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😲☔Así estaba la Carretera General de #Albatera hace unos minutos.

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