Drunk scooter rider gets hefty fine after crashing into tree in Zaragoza

NOT A TOY: Electric scooters riders should respect traffic safety regulations, the State General Prosecutor stresses. CREDIT: Policia Zaragoza Twitter @policiazaragoza

A WOMAN who was riding an electric scooter while under the influence got hit with a €1,000 fine after crashing into a tree in Zaragoza.

The unfortunate collision occurred after she lost control of the scooter, Zaragoza Local Police reported on Twitter.

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Officers went to her assistance and then got her to take a breath test. The results showed 0.65 milligrams of alcohol per litre of breath when the maximum permitted is 0.25 milligrams.

The “unregulated” circulation of electric scooters in Spanish cities and the risk of accidents was one of the issues which came up in the State General Prosecutor’s annual report published on Monday. The report estimates these kinds of vehicles caused more than 270 accidents in 44 Spanish cities last year.

The document outlines the various problems related to the “abrupt” appearance of electric scooters as a way of getting around, referring to a lack of coordination on the subject between users, traders and local authorities and riders’ lack of respect for traffic safety regulations.

An electric scooter is not a toy, the report stresses, but vehicles which should be subject to road safety rules.


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