Werewolf baby case opened in Spain

Werewolf baby case Credit: Google Images

PUBLIC Prosecutors have opened an investigation into a company that distributed drugs that gave eight babies ‘werewolf syndrome’.

The drug minoxidil was mistakenly included in a formula labelled as Omeprazole. The medicine was prescribed for reflux in children under a year old. Minoxidil is a drug prescribed for alopecia, and the result was that the affected babies started sprouting hair all over their bodies and faces.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Malaga, for the time being, has requested a report from the Ministry of Health on the possible effects on the health of those affected. The drugs were distributed by a Malaga-based company called FarmaQuímica Sur.

Early reports state that the babies should return to normal now they have stopped taking the tainted medicine, although they will be monitored.


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