Turtles back where they belong

COOPERATION: Guardia Civil officers and staff from a San Jose dive centre assist Equinac marine life rescue association personnel. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

TWO loggerhead turtles which had been recovering from injuries in an Equinac marine life rescue association centre are back where they belong in their natural environment.

Equinac personnel, Guardia Civil officers and staff from a San Jose scuba diving centre released Lucas and Aquamun back into the sea on Monday morning.

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Lucas had been undergoing treatment at the Equinac Almerimar centre for two years from a severe head injury and eye inflammation. For the first four days in the centre it was touch and go whether the turtle would survive, but two years on the loggerhead’s injury is completely healed and it is rid of the bacteria which caused the infection.

For the last three months Lucas has been undergoing a programme of intense readjustment at an enclosure in the sea.

A Garrucha jet-ski company came across Aquamun on August 25 tangled up in discarded fishing nets. It had a fishing line tightly wrapped round its front right fin, which was severely inflamed.


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