Python surprise find next to the trash in Almeria City

EXOTIC CREATURE: The snake turned out to be a species native to South-East Asia. CREDIT: Junta de Andalucia website - Consejeria de la Presidencia, Administracion Publica e Interior

AN Almeria city resident had quite a surprise when they found a 3.5-metre long python inside a plastic box next to rubbish containers.

Agents from the National Police Environment Group retrieved the 15 kilo serpent, which turned out to be a reticulated python, a species native to South-East Asia.

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As it is an exotic animal the agents had to inform the Industry, Trade and Tourism Ministry, which transferred the reptile to the zoological reserve in Tabernas.

Under the law ownership of this kind of creature requires documentation showing its origin and that it was legally introduced into the country. If the animal is acquired in Spain it must have a microchip and the corresponding sale and purchase documents. It is also necessary to have a licence for potentially dangerous animals in Andalucia, for them to be on a municipal registry and for the owner to have civil responsibility insurance.

There was no identification for the python.


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