Pests and rubbish in Torrevieja

Councillors Israel Muñoz and Carmen Morate Credit: LV Facebook

LOS VERDES (LV, the Green Party in Torrevieja) have questioned why the local council has not taken action to attack the twin problems of cockroaches and mosquitoes.

They argue that there are a number of areas in the town which are suffering from infestations of these insects and that unlike other local councils the ruling Partido Popular (PP) council in Torrevieja is not taking the problem seriously.

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The Greens have particularly singled out developments closest to the lagoon of Las Salinas and have accused the council of fine words but a lack of action especially as recent rain has helped the mosquitoes to breed in large numbers.

The Greens, who lost control to the PP in this year’s election have also complained about the quality of street cleaning and rubbish disposal claiming that the actual state of the streets are getting increasingly worse rather than better despite the fact that an ‘emergency plan’ was supposed to inject a further €117,000 in to the cleaning budget.


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