Gave birth home alone in Torremolinos

SENT HOME: Mother and baby put at risk. Credit: Google Maps

A WOMAN discharged from a maternity hospital ended up giving birth at home alone with no medical aid. 

The Patient Ombudsman has reported that the woman from Torremolinos has filed a complaint against the Andalusian Health Service and the Maternal Infant Hospital of Malaga for an “improper discharge.”  

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The events happened on June 14, 2019 when the patient went to Malaga’s Materno Infantil hospital when her contractions started. 

At 6.45 am a midwife assessed her and said she should stay at the hospital as she lived so far away. 

However, with a change of shifts the advice changed. 

Despite still feeling contractions, the woman was sent home by the new staff at 8.20 pm, said the Ombudsman in a statement. 

The patient “finally gave birth in her home alone, abandoned and without any medical care,” with the ombudsman saying “the mother and baby have been put at serious risk” by the “deterioration of health services in Andalusia.” 


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