Monday morning: The Week that Was

Monday Morning: The Week That Was Credit: Shutterstock

The news media has been dominated by Brexit this last week and many people have simply ignored the noise. Their views are settled and the arcane antics at Westminster are lost on an electorate that has more or less concluded what they want.

Despite this or that politicians claims to know what the public wishes they are really stating what outcome it is that they themselves desire. Though many of the denizens of the Westminster and Parliamentary bubble simply equivocate, prevaricate and speak to mislead in the hope that something , anything will turn up that they may be able to support. Some though have concluded that they are just going to give up; not seek re-election and retire from politics. No doubt hoping that a juicy part time and well paid position might be secured on this or that Quango. As I may have remarked before; no one has changed their minds as regards Brexit and in my humble opinion is unlikely to; so this coming week will essentially be no different in that respect to last.

The changes of Autumn though are coming on fast. The days are visibly closing in, the sun rises just a little later each day while retiring a few minutes earlier each evening. The heat barely gets into the day before dusk settles on the day. I am thinking of getting warm coats ready for the winter that is still months away and yet I can feel in the cooler breeze is on the way. Meanwhile green is bleeding out of the tree’s leaves with the colours of autumn are nosing into view. I hope that we do have a warm blaze of autumnal colour; a reminder of a lovely summer. Not that it was heat wave country this year, the temperatures were well down on last year’s exceptional summer however this summer was perfect for trees.


Last week we had strikes on the railways this week British Airways, a brand of the IAG company, does not take to skies for several days starting on Monday. The initial strike of two days is likely to disrupt the travel plans of several hundred thousand even though the company’s management took the initiative of contacting many customers early and advising them that their booking was not going to honoured and to make alternative plans. On the one hand an intelligent idea on the other execution of the idea was not without flaws. Will the company issue the same advice for the next strike to affected travellers? We shall all find out it seems as the BA Pilot’s union BALPA has authority to continue to call strikes on this dispute through to January 2020.

Winter weather forecasts are already circulating though we have barely stepped into autumn so a large pinch of salt may be taken with regard to any of the forecasts. The worst of them suggests that the UK may expect a return of the Beast from the East and the coldest winter in many decades to make its appearance in January though to March. More of Project Fear? Though perhaps the sudden flurry of long range weather forecasts simply suggests a return to business as usual; talk about the Weather; anything really other than Sex, Religion or heaven forbid Politics. Nick Horne, London, England


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