Ho, Ho, Hang on a sec… Christmas decorations up in the summer?

You know summer is almost over when stores start gearing up for Christmas. Credit: Shutterstock

There may still be 106 days to go until Christmas but there are plenty of stores that start prepping for the winter holidays months in advance.

Supermarkets are already flogging festive treats such as the Dairy Milk Orange Snowman, while the likes of Brussels sprouts flavoured gin has hit the market.

Primark has stocked up on decorations for the festivities already, featuring a brand new Disney range.


Three-and-a-half months before Santa’s arrival, staff at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton have covered a tree in tinsel, lights and hung decorations in the reception area. According to Mr Bramwell, the general manager, the tree is just a taste of things to come. ‘It will take three days to decorate the hotel properly, including several trees, with miles of twinkling lights and hundreds of baubles.’

And Mr Bramwell is not the only one trying to get ahead of the opposition. In July – in the middle of a mini-heatwave – Selfridges opened its Christmas section, two days earlier than it did last year.

Meanwhile shoppers at Myer, Perth, were shocked to find the popular department store had put up their Christmas decorations four months early.

But why are Nativity-scenes being sold in the height of summer – and who is buying them?

Most consumers mock the early start to the Christmas spree noting ‘The earlier this gets – The more it takes out the thrill of the holiday season,’

However there is some logic behind the four month Christmas bout operation as Stacey Burch, a single mother from Basford in Nottingham, pointed out: “I never leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. I’m constantly looking for bargains all year round. As a single mum of two children, if I didn’t do this I would struggle greatly.”


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