Elche suffers pest invasion

swollen red skin where a local resident has suffered a nasty reaction to the Tiger Mosquitoes bites. Credit: El Mundo

RESIDENTS in Elche are suffering this summer with plagues of mosquitoes. On a farm in the countryside close to Elche, Finita Mora describes the situation as “insufferable” and forces them to live practically indoors.

Despite the fumigations announced in these areas, she assures that the problem remains unresolved.

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“This past weekend my son went to the house in El Altet and I asked him to come and pick some figs. He called me to tell me that he had not been able to cope with the number of mosquitoes, which swelled him up with bites”.

The situation, say the residents, is similar on the beaches. “The children ended up rolled up with the towels while they were in the sand to avoid the bites. “

On Monday, PP councillor Manuela Mora said that Elche “is facing a serious problem by the inaction of the government team to tackle the plague of mosquitoes that is ravaging our ter-mino municipal” and demanded “urgent measures” to end it.

She said that authorities in Santa Pola or Alicante have carried out emergency fumigations to prevent the proliferation of these insects, “we do not understand why Elche has not taken any action”.

The councillor went on to say that “the complaints are many and range from residents who have had to abandon their outdoor tasks and suspend football matches because children were being riddled by tiger mosquitoes”.

Health councillor for Elche, Mariola Galiana, acknowledged that rainfall in recent weeks has led to a surge in the number of mosquitoes in the municipality and reported that, after these rains, “the council is carrying out a major campaign of fumigation, with special emphasis on areas near the Hondo and the hamlet of Arenales”.

Galiana said the rains in August were “the most abundant in the last 60 years” and that this “coupled with the high temperatures of subsequent days, motivated the emergence of mosquitoes”.,

Galiana said the council has tried to make contact “on various occasions” with neighbouring municipalities such as Alicante or Santa Pola to undertake “a joint action and solve the problem”, but that “it has been impossible given that the seaside town now celebrates its patron saint festivals and the consistory of the provincial capital is still on vacation.”


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