Dogs rescue centre help plea in Guaro near Coin

HELP NEEDED: residents of the rescue centre in Guaro.Credit: GoFundMe

A COUPLE who have turned their home into a rescue centre for abandoned dogs has put out a plea for help after her funds ran out. 

Bert and Vera Wesenbeek runsAnimal Love and Rescue in Guaro, near Coin and at the moment have 32 dogs, 12 of which are ready for adoption. 

They specialise in taking in pregnant, sick and elderly animals who live freely in the garden where they can run free. They have made sure that they dogs are well fed, loved and every animal gets the veterinary care it needs. 


But disaster struck when a water leak in the rented house started in June 2018. Vera explained: “The house we live in is in a very, very bad state, due to the water leak. All is rotten. Walls, furniture, our goods, everything. But the owner doesn’t want to repair the water pipes. 

“So as long as he doesn’t do anything, we don’t pay any rent. This was advised to us by a Judge in Court. In April this year, the Mayor of Guaro ordered the water supply to our house be cut because more than 1000 litres a day was flooding away. 

“From April this year, we have not had a drop of water! We go every day to the well in Monda, to get 500 litres of water in bottles for our dogs, their baths to cool a bit, cleaning everything. Every day! But we do it, for the dogs. 

“We have been looking for another property for a year, but to rent with that many dogs is not easy, and to buy, we don’t have enough money.” 

Vera added that they are now in urgent need to help with the costs of keeping the dogs. She said: “We always paid for the costs of the dogs ourselves. And that was a lot of money! 

“We had Parvo in the area, so puppies died, and we had high veterinary costs.  All our savings are gone, so we are in urgent need for donations.” 

She said: “The dogs need food every day, some need medication or special help, and winter is coming. 

“We are looking for someone who can help by renting us a property with a lot of land (a finca would be best) that we can rent at a decent price.” 

She explained that all the infrastructure for the dogs is removable, so there would be no damage to the land or property. “We need a sponsor, or an investor, who is a dog lover, and can help us until all is solved. This could be as soon as November/December.” 

She added: “As well as food and medication, we can also use goods that we can recycle and sell on the market, to make money for the dogs.” 

If you can help email [email protected] 

Donations can be made at:

Tel: 0034/634 334 378. More information: 


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