Back to school: How to start the new school year on a roll and not die in the attempt

There are many emotions that assail parents and children alike in these first days of school Credit: Shutterstock

The summer holidays are over (a week later in Spain than in the UK) and a new school year begins for the little ones and the not-so-little ones.

You only have to go to a school entrance or a nursery school to witness how traumatic the first days of class can be for some children (and parents).

There are many emotions that assail parents and children alike in these first days of school: nerves at the commence a new stage, sadness that the summer holidays have come to an end. Joy to see classmates again, curiosities regarding the new teacher.


All these emotions are normal and must be recognised, allowed and are legitimate.

Most parents have probably spent the last twenty four hours sellotaping their fingers together in a lame attempt to plastify twenty plus text books (which needs the skill and patience of a brain sergeant if you’re going to get it right). Add to that the mad rush to get new school uniforms, shoes, PE kit, books, work folders, pencil cases.

The motivation at the start of September is comparable to the well-intended resolutions made at the start of the New Year. Parents will probably find themselves promising to attend parents meetings in a composed manner. That they will sit down next to their children (work permitting) every evening and calmly get their bundle of joy to do their homework properly. Parents may well take it a step further and vow not be a source of embarrassment at the weekend soccer matches or swimming meets and so on.

Just a word of advice to parents (and children) struggling as the new term starts, if you feel that you are on the verge of having a melt-down and breaking all your well-thought resolutions at one go, calmly go and stand outside…so if anyone asks…(just for the record)’re outstanding!

Good luck!


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