A few rocky moments but generally Gibraltar Calling went well

SATURDAY HEADLINER: Enrique Iglesias pleased the crowd
SATURDAY HEADLINER: Enrique Iglesias pleased the crowd. Credit: HM Government of Gibraltar

THIS year’s Gibraltar Calling Festival was held at the completely new venue of Europa Point Stadium last Saturday and Sunday and there were some major teething problems on the first day which prompted the organisers to issue an email apology.

Whilst claiming that the new site was impressive, they did acknowledge that queues to purchase tokens (as cash was not to be used on site) were too long and they promised to implement measures to speed service up for the Sunday.

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In addition, they apologised for the fact that the Classic Stage was set up within the sports hall which meant that only a limited number of people were allowed in to see the bands due to Fire and Safety legislation.

Again they undertook to try to improve matters for the Sunday by having more Classic Bands perform on the main stage and despite the major thunderstorm that hit the Rock, by the time that the Festival opened on the Sunday, the sun was shining and the queues for tokens were quite short.

There had been some political disagreements between the Government and the Opposition concerning the festival, but Chief Minister Fabian Picardo in an interview with the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation expressed his feeling that the” new location was a brilliant one” but that whoever won the tender to run next year’s festival would have to learn from this year’s problems.


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