Vegan activist left covered in blood in rabbit rescue

CAPTION: Activist Mythical Mia covered in blood whilst rescuing rabbits. Source: Instagram

A British vegan activist was left covered in blood after an aggressive reaction from farmers after she “rescued” 14 rabbits in Spain as claimed by the activist who goes by the name of “Mythical Mia” 

Mia claims that her and fellow activists were chased by farmers who drove at up to 124mph down a motorway and then shot at the car window. 

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Catalonia police said the window is likely to have been struck by a ‘forceful object’ due to the impact of the glass rather than a shot from a shotgun.  

The Barcelona-based activist Mia, posted a video on her social media Instagram account showing blood on her face and legs. 

She told her more than 40,000 followers how she entered a rabbit farm in Gurb, Osona, and ‘rescued’ the animals. However, some have condemned her actions calling her a ‘thief’ and branding her an ‘idiot’. 


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