A night to shine on the streets of Rodalquilar

© Wikinaut on Wikimedia Commons
A night to shine on the streets of Rodalquilar Credit: Wikinaut on Wikimedia Commons

RODALQUILAR shone in the glow of 4,000 candles when the village celebrated its annual festival focusing on a more traditional way of life.

Thousands turned out to enjoy the Night of the Candles, which this year took the eastern Mediterranean as its central theme.

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Events included a street procession with more than 40 entertainers, including jugglers, musicians and characters on stilts representing the different cultures of the Mediterranean, ancient gods and more contemporary themes like pollution.

Commenting on the event, Culture councillor and provincial deputy Yolanda Lozano underlined the importance of what she described as “a rich and varied cultural programme so that both visitors and residents feel part of our land and our traditions.”

Lozano said the number of people attending the Night of the Candles was a motivation to continue developing events of this kind.


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