Hunt is on for “missing” members of the Bilbao wolfpack

Caption: The Bilbao case led to nationwide protests against sexual violence. Source: Facebook / Channels TV

THE Basque Country Police Force, Ertaintza is on the hunt for four of the members of the infamous “Wolfpack” sexual assault case after they have failed to report to court for the past two weeks.

The judge in charge of the investigation has sent a location order to the Autonomous Police to track down the missing members after they were released after only 20 days in detention.

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Their release was on the strict instructions that the ring leader of the “pack” would appear in court daily to prove that he had not left the city. The other three members missing were due to appear fortnightly thanks to their role in the attack.

According to police statements, there is currently no indication where the four missing fugitives are.

Only one of the aggressors currently remains in prison for the assault which happed almost five weeks ago, in which a young woman of 18 years old was led to the Etxebarria Park area of Bilbao and was reportedly set upon by a group of six individuals.

The case caught the interest of people across social media and brought to the forefront the potential inconsistencies of Spain’s sexual assault laws.


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