Suddenly September

SUMMER ENDS: And it will be Christmas before we know it.
SUMMER ENDS: And it will be Christmas before we know it.

IT doesn’t seem possible and not just that the summer is over, but that we’re already in September.

It’s been a very hot August, but as soon as we had that slight thunderstorm mid month I knew that it was soon to come to an end. Back 10, 20 years the end of summer storms used to be so ferocious that it felt like we were being bombed; in fact many a visiting dignitary would believe so and be hiding under their beds. 

This year it was so slight one might even have missed it but the message was well received, this intense humidity and intense heat would suddenly lead us to September before we knew it and the summer would be over.


Also back in the day at this time of year we’d frantically contact local schools to avoid going back to Madrid, not that we minded living there or didn’t love our home and friends, it’s just that it’s so delicious to live by the ocean, take in the expansive views, drink in the sunsets and stroll in the sand at any time, working or otherwise.

This month is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to live in Marbella with the childen back at school, the traffic easing up and although it will gradually get cooler, we still have many sunny beach days ahead of us.

Also there’s still so much going on it’ll be Christmas before we know it.

Leading us up to the end of the year there’s lots to keep us busy.  Golf season is starting and following my interview with golf pro Daniel Hartley at the end of last season, I’ve taken up golf. Dan will also be joining me weekly on Marbella Now TV to share my learning experience with you and hopefully get more people involved in a sport that is entertaining, healthy and a great way to socialise. My inspiration is to at least carry on a tradition of Sunday morning driving range with my granddaughter as my dad did with my children. 

There are also many organised events coming up, from the town hall and locals alike. Musica con Encanto have organised some great piano recitals to start off their classical music season, Chicnic is going to be awesome, as is the Irish music festival, Mind Body and Spirit, Foro ACCE, the Marbella International Film Festival and the sixth International Bridge tournament – we are now well on our way to being an all year tourist attraction!

I look forward to also receiving information from you on what you’re up to and happy to share anything relevant or of interest with our community to ensure we don’t miss out on anything! #BetterTogether

Happy September dear ones – hugs and love Nicole.


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