Food poisoning affects 91 people

FOOD poisoning has left 91 people ill in Palma Credit: Shutterstock

FOOD poisoning has left 91 people ill in Palma.
The Public Health Department have declared that a total of 91 people have been affected by food poisoning, allegedly from Dragon Sushi in Calle Blanquerna in Palma.
Of the 91 people, 19 have tested positive for salmonella and the others have visited hospitals around the capital with severe cases of gastroenteritis
According to the latest data from the Epidemiology Service, of the 91 people, 42 are women and 49 are men, seven of the victims are under the age of 14.
The restaurant has been closed down by the authorities and reports that the restaurant had no hot water, that cooked meat and raw meat was stored together and that some of the food was refrigerated have been doing the rounds on social media.


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