Ex-employee arrested for bar break-ins

REPEAT OFFENDER: Police have connected the 34-year to five robberies in the city centre this summer. CREDIT: Almeria Policia Nacional

A MAN suspected of at least five robberies in Almeria city is under arrest.

Police said the detention of 34-year old J.A.M.M. was related to a series of break-ins in the provincial capital in July and August, including hits on a bar where he once worked.

In each case the robbery was carried out in the early hours of the morning. Access door windows were smashed or metal blinds forced open to gain access to the premises.


Police pointed out that the 34-year old had had insider information about the bar in Calle Las Tiendas in the city centre regarding takings, entrances, alarms, and where there would be money and cash registers.

The first break-in took place on July 25. The robber got in the middle of the night when the bar was closed, getting away with €1,200 in cash and two tablets valued at around €300.

Three days later the same establishment was broken into again, although on this occasion the alarm went off and the thief fled without taking anything.

Just days after that there was a break-in at a bar-cafe in Calle Gabriel Callejon. The robber stole €450 in cash, two hams and several bottles of wine.

Initial investigations established a common modus operandi in the three cases and a robber with the same physical characteristics and wearing clothing which covered his face.

Thanks to surveillance camera footage police managed to identify the suspect from a tattoo on his hand, leading to his eventual arrest near his home.

Further investigations pointed to him being responsible for two further break-ins, one a café belonging to the same chain in Avenida del Zapillo, and a nearby fashion accessories shop.

Police said the detainee had been arrested on six previous occasions for similar incidents.


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