Dog ate master’s body to survive for a month

National Police Credit: Shutterstock

WHEN a dog found herself trapped in a flat with the body of her dead owner for a month, she did the only thing she could do to survive – eat her former master.

National Police found the body of a 56-year-old man who had been dead between three and four weeks and had several parts of his body devoured by his pet.

The mongrel, born in 2016 and about 40 kilos in weight, managed to survive without water during all that time. The tragedy happened at 48 calle Esteban Collantes, in the district of Ciudad Lineal, Madrid.


Initial indications are that the man, who suffered from lymphatic cancer, had died a natural death.

He was a cook in the Valdemoro prison and some say he had been very weak in recent months.

The house was full of rubbish and faeces. The body was in one of the bedrooms and was in the process of decomposing. Police say there were signs that the dog had been forced to eat parts of the body to survive.


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