Update: Fuengirola shooting, a family dispute rocks local residents

The alleged perpetrator is a 53-year-old man who has fled from the area Credit: Shutterstock

According to residents of the Fuengirola neighbourhood Los Núcleos, it seems that the shooting was provoked by a family dispute.

The body has been transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Malaga (IML) where an autopsy will be performed later today (Tuesday).

The alleged perpetrator is a 53-year.-old man of Spanish nationality who fled the area after the incident. It is believed that both men were brothers-in-law and the dispute involved the son of the deceased. A family member of the decease man has stated:“My cousin had come to tell him not to take his son to steal”


Official sources explain that the alleged murderer was supposedly the brother of the deceased’s partner. And though the man had been identified, had escaped.

Residents have stated that neither the deceased nor the aggressor were from that neighbourhood. That one of them had a partner in Los Núcleos was why the men had met at the entrance of the white building.

Police have remained in the area to provide tight security and calm the witnesses.



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