Band of suspected robbers arrested in Spain

Bogus insurance claims filed from a British tourist while on Holiday in Benidorm CREDIT: Shutterstock

A BAND of alleged violent robbers accused of 12 raids has been arrested by National police00

Investigators say the group would ruthlessly assault customers and bank employees during the terrifying robberies.

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Police started an investigation after an assault in Benidorm on June 21.

 Four people jumped a man who had just withdrawn money from a bank. They pushed him to the ground, seized the cash and then fled in a waiting getaway cat.

Police found the abandoned getaway car and realised it was a vehicle that had been used in another robbery at a shopping centre in Valencia.

On further investigation police linked the crimes to several other robberies – usually at banks – where the same modus operandi had been used.

Members of the gang would enter the bank and look for customers withdrawing or depositing large amounts of cash.

They would either seize the money there and then if it was being deposited, or wait ourside for the customers to emerge if it was being withdrawn.

They did not hesitate to use violence if any resistance was put up

The accused have been linked to 12 robberies in and around Madrid, Cordoba, Jerez de la Frontera, and Benidorm, including one raid where they made off with more than €60,000.

Police managed to identify four suspects and they were arrested in the Madrid town of Parla when they were escaping from a bank raid at high speed with €6,700 of loot. The four have been handed over into the custody of the courts.


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