Prime Minister Boris Johnson warns rebels not to “chop the legs from under” Brexit negotiators

PROMISES: Boris Johnson does not want an election CREDIT: Shutterstock

PRIME Minister Johnson has told the country he is convinced of Britain´s ability to win a deal from Brussels but declared his utter determination to leave the EU come what may.

In an announcement outside Number 10 this evening, the Prime Minister said he did not want and election and instead wanted to press on with the government´s agenda and get on with Brexit.

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He said: “I don´t want an election, you don´t want an election. Let´s come together and get it done. Let´s get Brexit done by 31 October.”

He was speaking after chairing a cabinet meeting in Downing Street.

Mr Johnson warned those that may be considering siding with Jeremy Corbyn and the opposition on the issue of No Deal that they would be impeding the negotiators in their job to win a deal.

He said that the rebels would “chop the legs out” from under the negotiators.

He said the rebels should vote with the government to avoid another “pointless delay´ in the process.

He added: “We will not accept any attempt to go back on our promises. I am convinced that Britain will get a deal. Let’s let the negotiators get on with their work without an election.”


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