Animal rights party slams kitten cruelty in Almeria

“Terrible!”: The video shows a young man forcing a lighted cigarette into a kitten’s mouth. CREDIT: PACMA – Partido Animalista Facebook @PartidoAnimalista.PACMA

AN animal rights party has slammed the publication of a video on Instagram showing a group of Almeria youngsters forcing a lighted cigarette inside a kitten’s mouth.

As his mates laugh and joke, a young man holds the kitten up by its back legs and jogs it up and down on a table among beer bottles before forcing its mouth open to push in the lighted fag.

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The Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA) described the incident as “terrible” on its Twitter account.

PACMA said it had reported what could constitute a criminal act of animal mistreatment under article 337 of the Penal Code to the police and to the juvenile prosecutor.


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