Railway and airline strikes complicate holiday return in Spain

Holiday return complicated by railway and airline strikes Credit: Shutterstock

Authorities had braced for a surge in traffic as millions of people return home on Spanish roads after their summer holidays. 4,8 million road trips were estimated to take place over the weekend, 600,000 more than last year. Add to the additional road traffic, railway and airline strikes.

Authorities in Spain estimated about 40,000 travellers would be affected by the railway and airline strikes which began last Friday (30th) to coincide with one of the travel peak weekends of the year.
Spain’s railway operator Renfe cancelled 360 trains scheduled for the busy weekend following calls by the CGT labour union for various stoppages to back its demand for more staff.
Ground staff of Iberia airline at Madrid and Barcelona airports also launched a 2-day strike which also began last Friday, in a dispute over working conditions, salaries and what they call abuse of temporary contracts by the carrier. 

Low cost airline Vueling reported a cancellation of 92 flights and Iberia 108



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