Palma City Council shining a light

Le seu
LA SEU: Ornamental lighting to be installed. CREDIT: PxHere

THE project to improve the ornamental lighting on the façades of La Seu and the Palau de la Almudaina will cost Palma City Council around €2 million, of which €990,000 will come from the budget of Palmallum, the municipal lighting maintenance company.

The new project includes the installation of 11 new lamps that are six metres high, seven of them will be located in front of the façade of the Cathedral of Mallorca and four in the Plaza de la Almoina.

In total Palmallum will install 505 lights in the area around the Cathedral, 298 embedded in the ground and 237 in different locations around the area. The project will also take care of the renovation of the 17 kilometres of cabling. These improvements will allow energy savings of 45 per cent compared with the current consumption.


The works are scheduled to be completed by early 2020.


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